A screenshot of the Edgeworx homepage
The Edgeworx homepage

Project Overview:

Edgeworx is an Eclipse-backed startup that created a platform for edge computing. I developed their brochure site and contributed to the development of the documentation site for their platform ioFog. I worked with a very talented UI/UX designer, Ana Medina, throughout this project and was tasked with bringing her designs to life.

Challenge:Propreitary CMS

The major challenge of this project was utilizing a completely custom PHP-based content management system written by the company's founder, Kilton. I worked with Kilton to flesh out more of the CMS' features as we built the Edgeworx site.

A screenshot of the Edgeworx site footer
The Edgeworx site footer

Challenge:Microservices Slider

To add some wow-factor to the site, I was responsible for adding an interactive slider to display microservices that could be used with Edgeworx's software. When a user hovers over a microservice, the slider must pause so that the box can be more easily read. This was a fun interactive challenge to tackle and I'm very happy with the end result.

Challenge:Documentation Site

I also had the privelege of working with the team at This Dot to create a documentation site for the ioFog application. We wanted to use Markup to write the documentation since this project is open-source and other developers will need to contribute to it. We saw this as a great opportunity to give Gatsby a try. Using Gatsby, we created the brochure portion of the site and combined it with the markup driven documenation resource.

A screenshot of the ioFog homepage
The ioFog homepage
A screenshot of the ioFog documentation area homepage
The ioFog documentation area
A  screenshot of the Edgeworx site on a mobile device
The Edgeworx homepage on mobile
A screenshot of the ioFog site on a mobile device
The ioFog homepage on mobile